SMART Vertical Injection Press

Trinks Inc. new SMART Vertical Injection Press at Rockwell Automation’s Automation Fair®

Trinks Inc. was selected to feature its new SMART Vertical Injection Press, known as VIP, at the Automation Fair in Chicago, IL, November 20-21 .

 Teamed with Rockwell Automation Global Technical Consultants, Trinks was able to design this next generation of press technology. The latest Allen-Bradley technologies were used to create a smart machine with advanced analytics and process control.

 “We saw the need in our industry to provide our customers with advanced process control, better diagnostics and simplified service and support. The Trinks VIP is our first SMART machine to incorporate these advanced digital capabilities. We are excited to bring this to the market and anxious to see the effect this will have with our customers.” Kathy Treankler, Trinks Owner.

 Our engineering team leveraged the Machine Builder Library to enable the use of standard control libraries which reduces engineering and development time. This drives additional efficiencies by utilizing reusable code and a modular design approach.

 The integration of FactoryTalk Innovation Suite delivers higher performance through analytics with product quality tracking and real time reporting. This new SMART design will help customers improve quality as a whole, by making it easier for customers to troubleshoot and address service with the use of augmented reality.

 This SMART version of VIP implements an integrated safety system, using light curtains with built in laser alignment. This three-color display creates a visual for the operator to signal both safe and unsafe entry as well as any obstructive light curtain conditions.  The visual indication for operators will greatly improve their access to the machine and eliminate unnecessary stops.

 “We’re excited to showcase our digital transformation along with Rockwell Automation at Automation Fair®. This is just the beginning to illustrate how Trinks will continue to support our customers using new technology and be a true integrated supplier”, says Kathy.

 Come visit Trinks Inc. at Automation Fair® to see the VIP overmolding process in action and a demonstration of augmented reality in booth #1329.

 Automation Fair® brings in thousands of attendees worldwide. With over 150 exhibits featuring new innovations, in a venue enabling attendees to engage in hands-on training and talk directly with innovators. 

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