Thermoplastic Plasticator

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Plasticating extruder Designed to support thermoplastic molding

The Trinks Inc. Thermoplastic Plasticator is primarily designed for processing thermoplastic materials before being put into a compression molding press. 

Preheating & Preforming Process

Preforming and preheating are combined into a single process step, enabling the system to deliver accurate shot sizes. Examples include long fiber reinforced composites, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and other thermoplastics which are suited for use in this system. Plasticating material ahead of the molding process results in molding cycles that are more consistent producing molded parts of higher quality. ,


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  • Hydraulic reciprocated screw
  • Material volume set by screw stroke
  • Position metering system
  • Hydraulic driven knife to cut extrudite
  • Electrically interlocked to limit knife access
  • Adjustable back pressure control
  • Adjustable process parameters via touch screen
  • Shot size capability from a few ounces up to 10 pounds
  • Conveyor
  • Robot interface for material loading
  • Variety of material hoppers available
  • Mixing/dosing unit integrated with controls
  • NRTL Certifications: UL,CUL,CSA,CE Mark

This machine currently processes but not limited to the following material:

  • Nylon
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