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#1 Supplier for Lithium Extrusion Equipment

Trinks Inc. has been a worldwide leading supplier for lithium extrusion hydraulic press machinery for more than 30 years. We have standard mechanical designs that range from 300 tons up to 700 tons. We can also enhance our standard design with custom features to fit your specific application needs.

How It works

Over the years, Trinks Inc. Lithium Extruders have evolved resulting in a more refined system with greater functionality and control. This machine is used to extrude lithium foil and operates by forcing a lithium ingot through a shaped die using high pressure and tightly controlled process variables. Many in the industry refer to our systems as the gold standard, seeing them as a must have for any lithium foil production operation.

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*** Standard models listed above. Custom sizes available per request.  

Trinks Inc. Lithium Extruder Technical Partners

Lithium innovations provides innovative solutions for all lithium products and service needs. 

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