Trinks Inc. Products


What We Do

Since 1935, we have been manufacturing hydraulic presses and plastics processing equipment. We understand what it takes to build a quality machine. Because we are unique in the hydraulic press industry, we can tailor any system to meet your specific needs. 

Trinks Inc. has decades of knowledge from our history as Lawton, LMG, and Hull Industries. We can assure you no other manufacturer has this much experience building and designing hydraulic presses with so much confidence. 

Hydraulic Presses

4-Post, Gib Guided, C-Frame, Slab Slide & Truss Frame​, Compression & Transfer


Thermoset Plasticator & Thermoplastic Plasticator


Vertical Preformer & Horizontal Preformer

Lithium Extruder

Standard Sizes- 300, 500, & 700 Ton

Vertical Injection Press

Single, Shuttle & Indexer


75lbs up to 200lbs

Vacuum Potting

Models 5A-24 and 5A-36

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation

Up to 200 PSI


Our products are proudly made in the USA.

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