Hydraulic Presses

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Presses & Molding Machines

For over 80 years, we have been a technological leader in designing and building hydraulic machinery for compression molding, transfer molding and vacuum molding. Learn more about some of the styles Trinks Inc. offers below. 

Compression Molding Presses

Our compression molding presses are great for sheet forming, lamination, powder forming & compaction, and of course compression molding. We make presses in many configurations including C-Frame or Gap, Tie Rod with bushing guides, and Tie Bar with gib guides to name a few. Having a variety to choose from and the ability to have them custom tailored to your need makes Trinks the logical choice.

Transfer Molding Presses

Transfer molding is a great option when injection is not. These presses are suited for molding with thermosets like epoxy, polyester, diallyl phthalate, and silicone. Transfer molding creates less flash and is great for applications requiring higher precision geometries.

Vacuum Molding Presses

Vacuum as an option can be added to both compression and transfer presses. This feature can take the form of a chamber, hood, or direct to mold connection. Vacuum can be utilized to degas materials, reduce heat loss, aid flow, and reduce porosity. Adding vacuum to your molding process is a great option when looking for improved quality and consistency.

Shuttle Presses

A shuttle is a great option when looking to increase productivity. Generally a shuttle is employed to move molds between multiple processes, move multiple molds in and out of processing, and between an operator and a process. Some advantages of owning a shuttle are reduced labor, improved efficiency, and ergonomic compatibility.

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