Thermoset Plasticator

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Plasticating Extruder Designed to support thermoset molding

The Trinks Inc. Thermoset Plasticator is primarily designed for processing thermoset materials before being put into a compression or transfer molding press.

Preheating & Preforming Process

Preforming and preheating are combined into a single process step, enabling the system to deliver accurate shot sizes. Examples include BMC, Epoxy, and Phenolic which are suited for use in this system. Plasticating material ahead of the molding process results in molding cycles that are more consistent producing molded parts of higher quality. 

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  •  Control system with position feedback and proportional screw speed control
  •  Through-hardened H13 tool steel knife
  •  Multiple programmable shot sizes to add flexibility to your molding process
  •  Back-pressure monitoring
  •  Barrel insulation blankets for heat control and reduced energy losses
  •  Easy operator controls for increased efficiency of set-up and operation
  •  Extra large reservoir
  •  Manifold mounted hydraulics
  •  Trinks Inc. quick change screw and barrel feature
  •  High grade screw available in several sizes
  •  Shot size capability from a few ounces up to 3 pounds
  • TSP-40 (20, 30, & 40 mm)
  • TSP-70 (50, 60, & 70 mm)
  • TSP-80 (80 mm)

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This machine currently processes but not limited to the following material:

  • Bulk Moulding Compound (BMC)
  • Dough moulding Compound (DMC)
  • Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC)
  • Phenolic Plastic
  • Epoxy

Thermoset Plastics- How Are They Formed?

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