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Which is better: rebuilding or replacing my hydraulic cylinder

You might be wondering whether you should replace your current hydraulic cylinder on your press or if you can repair it yourself. Read on to see which option is the most convenient for you.

Inspect the main body, piston, and tie rods of the cylinder.  Are they bent, dented, or cracked?  If they are damaged in any way, it probably is best to replace the entire cylinder rather than do a rebuild.  The reason is twofold, the cost to replace the major components of the cylinder is most likely just as expensive as purchasing a newly machined and assembled cylinder.  Cylinders are custom built individually and if only one or two of the cylinder’s parts are replaced with new, there is no guarantee that the fit will be sufficient to bring the cylinder back to the original specifications.

Timing is another key issue to address. It typically takes longer (4 to 5 times longer) to manufacture a completely new cylinder verses having seal kits shipped.  Seals kits in many cases can be shipped in days.  This is a big influencer in deciding whether to rebuild or purchase new.

Rebuilding hydraulic cylinders takes a little bit of skill and knowledge to complete the task properly.  The new seals need to be fit into the appropriate location and the steel components needs to be reassembled and torqued properly and in the right order.  The cylinder will not perform properly (or will leak hydraulic fluid) if not assembled correctly.

Another factor to consider while making a decision is the cost. A new cylinder is more expensive than a repair kit based on material costs alone. However, the internal work required to complete the rebuild must also be considered.

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