4 reasons to upgrade your HMI unit

4 Signs It’s Time to replace your hMI unit

Here are four important reasons to help you determine if you should upgrade your current Human Machine Interface (HMI) unit.

1. HMI FAILURE- The most common reason for an HMI to be replaced is because the component has failed. Every day, over numerous shifts, and in tough industrial environments, a large number of HMIs are used. This leads to a lot of component wear and eventual failure.

2.OBSOLETE- The HMI is obsolete to the point where it is no longer sold or serviced, which is the second most frequent reason for replacement. Many companies choose the proactive approach of keeping the most recent version of HMI on hand so that if something goes wrong, the components and software are still available.

3. DATA COLLECTION- Like most technology, HMI capabilities and capacities are constantly improving and expanding to meet the high demands of today’s industrial equipment. Companies are constantly looking to expand the boundary of information that a specific machine can provide for process improvement. A newer, more technologically advanced HMI has the capacity and speed to manage the increasing number of process data requirements.  

4. CUSTOMIZE FOR APPLICATION- New HMIs can be tailored to each machine’s individual information and data needs. Many modern HMIs have the software and capabilities to be customized in appearance and function to meet a company’s process or operator consistency requirements. An HMI that is tailored to a specific application will provide consistency throughout any shift, regardless of who is running it.

If you need an upgrade or have any questions, email our service experts at service@trinksinc.com

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