Vacuum Potting Machines

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encapsulate or pot your electrical components

Trinks Inc. vacuum potting machines are ideal for casting and encapsulation when consistent quality is important. They produce the highest quality reactive resin castings for maximum dielectric properties of electric and electronic parts. Vacuum Potting machines can be used to pot or encapsulate coils, transformers, motor windings, modules, and much more, using resins, epoxies, polyesters, waxes, and oils.

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Vacuum Potting Machines

How it works

Resin is loaded in a disposable paper container and preheated in the vacuum degassing chamber. When proper resin temperature and outgassing is complete, catalyst can be added. An isolation ball valve allows liquid to pass into the casting chamber then into a disposable funnel. Molds are easily positioned from outside the unit by means of external controls and independently rotating turntables.

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